Young people and self-harm

“11-21 year olds are exposed to self harm images online in alarming numbers and causing many to consider hurting themselves, according to a poll commissioned ahead of Self-Harm Awareness Day on Sunday March 1st ~ NSPCC (For the full article click here )

I have been made aware of this trend of late by young people that I work with and it’s certainly saddening. I understand young people’s motivation to connect with others and find support and solace but when other people’s images make you want to hurt yourself more! Accepting the prevalence of self-harm amongst young people seems paramount right now, for many parents and carers this is a big ask. This is where counsellors and other trained professionals can help. Supporting your child/ teenager without judgement to explore the reasons why they may hurting themselves can allow for change to occur and healthier ways of expressing to emerge.

Gloucestershire also run a free support service Glos self harm network: The text line number is 07537 410022, the helpline phone number is 0808 801 0606, and access to the online support is through the website –

Raising awareness of this trend seems paramount in terms of counteracting it. Please share.