The courage to seek support

Seeking help for matters relating to our mental health is often a challenging process. Accepting that at times we may need the support of others to heal can make us feel vulnerable and small. Feelings many of us protect ourselves from experiencing most of the time.

From my own experience of healing from a childhood overshadowed by Boarding School, I have found that therapy has played an integral part. Often times I have sought the support of a therapist not because I didn’t have friends and family that I could talk to but because therapists could offer me something quite unique. A way of listening and receiving who I am entirely without judgement. A way of responding to me with utmost regard for who I am, and a certain empathetic manner that comes when someone is entirely present and focused on just us. I found the process of being in therapy alchemical and for the first time I was able to experience myself independently of my own inner critic. I was able to separate out who I was intrinsically from the ways of thinking about myself that I had taken on from others.

Being in therapy is not always an easy journey and I respect and appreciate that everyone’s journey in to and through it is different. In my practise I aim to bring sensitivity to the fact that asking/ admitting we need help takes alot of courage. If you have managed to harness enough of this to pick up the phone and call me that’s the the biggest hurdle overcome! Turning up for the first appointment the next biggest challenge. My aim is to create a space where you can come to ‘Be’, hence Space to Be. This means a cosy, non-clinical environment with a genuine warm welcome from me. I am not here to fix you rather support you to find the answers to your own challenges. In my way of working I believe that we inherently know what is best for us, we just often need someone alongside us so we can discover what that is!

If you are an adult client seeking support for yourself or a parent seeking support for your teenager you can rest assured you will be met with care, compassion and consideration from me. I look forward to hearing from you : )